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Keep It Simple

On this week’s installment of Celebrity Cook Off, there were several individual challenges. Coolio and Lou Diamond Phillips squared off with a fried chicken challenge. I don’t know if it’s racist or not, but it seems odd Coolio was sent to the fried chicken challenge and Joey Fatone was sent to make pasta! Come on people! Coolio’s family recipe protected him from elimination. Secret ingredient, hot sauce and corn starch.

The real shocker of the show is how poorly Summer Sanders handles the pressure. She comes unraveled rather easily. I would think that a gold medal athlete, someone who performed on the world stage, and then the Nickelodeon stage, would be able to shrug off the pressure and focus. She is a basket case in the kitchen. She did win her individual challenge making a steak with some kind of bloody mary mix on top that did look half way appetizing.

In the three way elimination challenge, the contestants had to make grilled cheese. Lou Diamond Phillips’ was over the top complicated. Some would call it over-dramatic. Cheech Marin’s, under done and greasy. How can a grilled cheese be greasy? The winner, Joey Fatone. He grilled two slices of bread with a slice of cheese and made a tomato & pickle smiley face. Simple. Winner. Sad to see you go Cheech, you seemed to have the most knowledge in the kitchen and you were a sleeper pick to win.  How is Taylor Dane still in this mess, let alone beating Joey Fatone at a pasta dish?

Can't wait to see what hilarity ensues next week.