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Raw Onions as a Snack?

I’m not much of a cook. My husband’s pretty awesome, but my repertoire is mostly raw fruits and veggies sliced and displayed creatively, with a bit of cheese or peanut butter dipping sauce, maybe with some hard cheese or a plate of noodles thrown in. The good news is that my child gets to eat a bunch of raw, good foods; the bad news is that she’s not expanding her palate very much unless my husband cooks.

That said, I mostly don’t like to cook in our home because I’m afraid of our gas stove, which is very temperamental; I don’t mind baking and do quite a bit of that in the winter time. As infrequently as I cook, however, I would never serve my child raw onions as a snack—unless she asked for them, of course. She does have this thing for raw potatoes right now, after all.

A school recently served its students raw onions instead of the zucchini slices they were promised at snack time. The kids, of course, hated them.

I love that they’ve moved beyond the chocolate milk and Nilla wafers, but seriously? Raw onions and that’s it? Not only would that not give my kid the calories she needs, but it would also simply be disgusting. I don’t know anyone who enjoys raw onions by themselves—though I do know many people, myself, my husband, and my best friend included, who hate onions altogether.

That’s just nasty, Turner Elementary! What do you think your kids are, ogres? To be fair, it was the food company who sent the onions instead of what they'd promised; perhaps the school shoud switch providers, or at least have a backup plan for days like this.