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New Rule: Pre-Packaged Foods are OK

When the Shit Hits the Fan, I'm Going to Survive on Trader Joe's Sauces

El Chef and I did not have a special understanding in regards to the kitchen; whenever I cooked, I wasn’t allowed to cheat. And, no, I’m not talking about fidelity or infidelity. I mean that I wasn’t allowed to use any pre-packaged food at all, which limited my options.


Now that El Chef is not sharing the same space as I am, I get to make all the rules. While I’m not exactly loading my shopping cart with hot pizza pockets just yet, the first rule that I’ve made is that it’s ok to eat pre-packaged or frozen food on occasion. You cannot possibly understand how life-changing this revelation has been for me.


On the suggestion of a friend, I took a trip to Trader Joe’s, a store my friends and family had raved about for years, but that I wasn’t all that familiar with since we cooked most of our meals from scratch. I bought up a few sauces, a few spices, and a strange mix of frozen ethnic food and prepared myself for the worst.


I  first tried out Trader Joe’s Thai Green Curry sauce, which had a little kick and a distinct lemon-grass flavor. I can’t say that it was the best Thai curry I’ve ever eaten; I’m really picky about my Thai food. The curry sauce seemed like it needed a bit more coconut milk added and maybe a little more spice. I sautéed some garlic, spinach, and green beans to throw into the mix so I could get some greens in with my green sauce. The result was pretty good.


Both the green beans and the spinach were frozen and have served as my main source of vitamins over the last week or two. I’ve yet to figure out how to work the temperature gauge on my fridge, which has so far kept all of my fresh produce eternally frozen in a cryogenic-like state. Should the proverbial shit ever go down, my eternally frozen produce will de-thaw and I will have fresh produce much longer than most of my unprepared American compatriots.


I will also have some handy Trader Joe’s sauces on hand to eat on hand; if the sauces can’t be heated because none of the stoves or working or because I have to flee the premises because of zombies, I truthfully think they are good enough to stand on their own, without rice, pasta, or any vegetables to back them up.  

Image Credit: Flckr User ingridjee