Holiday baking memories

Holiday baking memories

It might be messy, but it will be a great memory.

One of the best experiences I have each year is baking holiday cookies with my kids. This is a time that is really fun, but it is also really messy. It is all worth it in the end and during the time it takes to do the work.

Every year since my first daughter was around three years old, I have baked cookies with my kids. Although I bake many different kinds, I always make rolled sugar cookies with my children. There are gobs of recipes available for these cookies and you can pick a recipe of your choice. These are fun to make for several reasons, and you will have a great time doing this too.

One of the first steps that I let my children help with is rolling the dough. I usually take this duty on myself, but sometimes I would let them do it. After rolling the dough, they get to choose cookie cutters from a huge pile and make the shapes that they like the best. Before allowing them to do this, I always choose the shapes that work the best for cookies. I only give them these cookie cutters and they get to choose from those.

After the cookies are baked, the fun part really begins. I normally make a powdered sugar icing, sometimes adding food coloring to change the color of it, and then I frost the cookies. Before the icing dries, they get the job of decorating the cookies. If you plan on doing this, be prepared for a huge mess. Give your kids a variety of small candies and sprinkles and let them get to work on decorating!